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Code Blue Magic Mushrooms

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Code Blue Magic Mushrooms are a mesmerizing blend of the legendary Blue Meanie and Melmac strains, creating a truly exceptional psychedelic experience. Named for their distinctive bluish caps, Code Blue mushrooms offer an exploration of consciousness like no other. With their potent effects, users can anticipate vivid visual hallucinations and a profound sense of unity with the universe. This strain beckons adventurers to embark on a journey of cosmic connection, where introspection and awe-inspiring visuals harmonize to create an unforgettable experience.
  • Raw: Eat them raw out of the bag, chew thoroughly to extract as much psilocybin as possible. This way, you get all the tastes associated with mushrooms. At higher doses there can be some nausea involved.
  • Brew a tea: Put your desired dose in 1–1.5 cups of water and boil for 10 minutes. If you wish, you can add other delicious herbs to make it more palatable such as putting the mushrooms in a chai tea blend. Comes on faster than eating raw mushrooms and reportedly less nausea.
  • Lemon tek: Grind your desired dose into a powder and put in a small cup or bowl. Add the juice of 1–2 lemons until the mushrooms are covered in lemon juice. Let them sit for 15–20 minutes. Consume in its entirety. Comes on fastest, strongest, and reportedly significantly less nausea.
  • With food: Pizza, PB & J, Chips or in a smoothie – The possibilities are endless! Grab some dried mushrooms and eat them with your favourite snack.
  • Microdose –
    • 0-0.25g: A microdose; very subtle psychedelic effects. No visuals, no visible changes, no loss of control. Experience mood enhancement, reduced anxiety, improved mental alertness and improved energy levels.

    Macrodose –

    • 0.25-0.5g: A step up; more pronounced psychedelic effects; may experience altered coordination and motor control, altered vision and mood, increased energy, the giggles, revelatory thoughts, ideas, and pattern recognition.

    Light Dose –

    • 0.5-1g: A psychoactive experience; pronounced and obvious psychedelic effects; may experience altered vision, emotions, and mood, could be a significant alteration of motor control, impaired coordination, super-human-music-making abilities, absurd humour, and a desire to engage oneself in artistic endeavours.

    Common Dose –

    • 1-2g: You’re ready to open yourself up to a psychedelic experience. But! You want to be careful. Beginner’s paradise might the right place for you. Expect a body high, deep conversations, laughing mood and good vibes. Make sure you’re in the right environment, with the right people and you’ll have a friendly introduction to psychedelics.

    Strong Dose –

    • 2.5-5g: This is it! The classic psychedelic trip you’ve been hearing about. Sometimes it feels like a whirlwind. Other times, you will have a lot more control during your trip. During a psychedelic trip you will feel, think, and perceive new things. Whatever insights you might have encountered on your psilocybin mushroom trip, keep them in mind and take them with you.

    Heroic Dose:

    • 5g+: Some people are experienced in the magical world of psychedelics. They’ve reached a level where the classic trip is familiar. They might want to experiment with an higher dosage. There are stories about ego-death, connecting with the universe and experiencing a very intense high. Whatever you do, don’t use a high dosage to escape. Use it as an addition to your life. Talk with experienced psychonauts and make sure you’re in a good mental space when you decide to fly with the stars.

    Note: Doses and effects vary from person to person. If you have never used mushrooms before, it’s best to start on the smallest dose possible for the desired effect and slowly increase from there.

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Strain Background


Code Blue Magic Mushrooms represent an intriguing fusion of two prominent strains: Blue Meanie and Melmac. This hybrid strain has captured the imagination of psychonauts, offering a unique and captivating experience.

Blue Meanie is a strain that has gained recognition for its distinct blue coloration and potent effects. It has been sought after by enthusiasts for its ability to induce intense visual hallucinations and a profound sense of connection to nature.

Melmac, on the other hand, is known for its exceptional potency and the deep, introspective journeys it offers to those who consume it. It has earned a reputation for delivering a transformative and spiritually enlightening experience.

The combination of these two legendary strains has given rise to Code Blue, offering a blend of the best characteristics from each parent strain. As Code Blue emerged, its spores and swabs were distributed to mycologists around the world, sparking excitement within the global mushroom community.

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